With six years experience in the travel industry and over eight years in festival management, festivaltravel.com.au mastermind, Tim van den Akker developed a profound passion for both industries.


Partnering with Shane Edwards with over 26 years of travel experience from the premier travel brand travel key this passion, along with an evident market gap, sparked the idea to fuse the two industries and create an agency tailoring to the niche festival market.


festivaltravel.com.au was conceived!


A subsidiary of travel key, festivaltravel.com.au prides itself on building key industry relationships to offer exclusive packages to some of the world’s most sought after events. Events include (but are not limited to) sporting events, music festivals, pool parties, cultural festivals, concert packages, food and wine tours and much more.


festivaltravel.com.au provide a simple and streamlined booking process and can help tailor individual packages based on specific client needs.


1/63 Palmerston Street Perth WA 


Within Australia 1300 921 148

International +61 8 9227 9222

Email: info@festivaltravel.com.au

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about any of our travel products featured on this website or if you would like us to assist you with your next holiday.